Real-Estate Goodbye/Hello: Feng Shui Tips for Selling, Buying, and Moving

By Trisha Keel

Whenever you move, you say goodbye to an old place and hello to a new one. Whether you’re moving your home or your business, here are a few Feng Shui principles to make that transition easier. Use the Bagua Energy Map (shown below) to divide your place into nine sections.


You are at the door on this wall or at the mouth of your driveway facing into the land. Stand with this dotted line against your belly and project the tic-tac-toe grid all the way back and from left to right. Five Very Important Notes: 1) Always align the bagua with the wall containing the front door or the mouth of the driveway, even if this entrance is never used. 2) For rooms with more than one door, use the door closest to and/or in the most direct line with the front entrance. 3) Multiple stories stack like a cake, then turn as you enter in an overlay. 4) Anything connected to the property by roof, foundation, or road is included in the boundaries of the bagua. 5) Projections can cause missing or enhanced guas, depending on whether they are missing by over half the width or length of the property. See schematics to the right. Measure if necessary!

When saying goodbye to your old place . . .

1. To ease your exit, activate the current front door area:

• Sweep the threshold inside and out. Knock down webs and wasp nests.

• Wash the glass and remove dead bugs in the entry lights.

• Remove things from behind every door so they open all the way.

2. To call in buyers or renters, as well as to facilitate finding a new place, enhance the front-right Benefactors area:

• Clean the glass and sweep out the sills of all the windows.

• Polish any metal in this space.

• Clear off flat surfaces in this area first.

3. Moving takes money, and plenty of it. To promote the flow of abundance during this transition, enhance the back-left Wealth area:

• Clear out things that make you feel sad or guilty. If it is dead or broken, get rid of it. (Indecision profits the moving and storage companies , so keep more of your money by eliminating these items.) If you love it, pack it.

• Attend to any and all water leaks, drips, or stoppages. Then attend to any and all emotional leaks, drips, or stoppages. Moving takes energy. Money and emotion are both energy. Conserve your energy, in all its forms.

• Sweep all floors, behind doors, under furniture, and in corners. Activate all surfaces by your attention to them.

When saying hello to your new place . . .

1. To reestablish your physical support at the new place as quickly as possible, support your physical body first:

• Set up the bed or desk in the power position, across from but not in line with the door. Make the bed or organize the desk immediately.

• Get a new front-door mat and a new broom. Place a guardian statue or plant at the entrance to welcome. Hang your business sign.

• Place a bowl of fruit, fresh flowers, or a potted plant in the Health and Well-Being center to activate Life in the new place.

2. Make the space your own by clearing out the energy of previous residents:

• Sprinkle salt across all thresholds, window sills, and where the driveway meets the street. Leave the salt there for a day and a night.

• Clean using ammonia. Mop floors and wash windows. Wipe down all stainless steel, tile, and porcelain surfaces. To finish, pour some of the used ammonia solution into every drain in the place, including the washer, dishwasher, toilets, and ice-maker drains.

• Replace all burned-out and compact-fluorescent (CF) bulbs with new LED, halogen, or incandescent lighting. The constant flickering of the CF bulbs is unnatural and uncomfortable. Take all CF bulbs to the proper recycling facility, as they have mercury in them and are extremely poisonous!

3. Stage your new place to support success, comfort, and happiness:

• Set up your favorite spot so that you have a clear view of the door, your back is protected, there is something taller at your left—like a lamp or bookcase, and something lower to your right—like a side table.

• Put live food and beverages (rather than highly processed items) in your kitchen. You will see that you are providing well for yourself whenever you open the pantry or refrigerator door. Replenish regularly, as needed.

• Place an item of beauty (whether natural or man-made) in every room. Beautiful art lifts the energy of any space. Note: Just because something is “art” doesn’t mean it is beautiful. Whether it is a sculpture, a painting, or music, it should please the senses and uplift the soul.

Front Doors Make the Difference
There are no second chances to make first impressions.

Every property has an entrance, whether you own or rent or have a business. Not everyone uses them. There is a dramatic shift that comes with staging an attractive entrance and using it every day. It can make a dazzling difference in your bank account’s bottom line! You can still park where you want, but pretty up that front door, then go in and out of it at least once daily. See for yourself what happens. Here are some front door staging tips for all kinds of places:

  • Make it pretty and welcoming. Let your light shine! 1 FrontPorchWelcome
  • Lift the energy to the door.2 KporchSxS
  • Avoid places with a sad or scary face. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Avoid pointy, prickly plants at the front door. This is called “Fire at Heaven’s Gate,” which says, “Welcome to my house. You’re going to bleed.”


  • Don’t block the door.5 front2left

Trisha Keel, PhD, is a holistic life coach and Feng Shui master. She is well-known for her down-to-earth understanding of the metaphysical and her ability to change people’s lives by helping them shift the energy in their spaces. Find more Feng Shui tips on moving at you tube.com/trishakeel. Visit tomorrowskey.com or call 713.952.5429 to schedule a consultation.


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