How to Make a DIY Mid-Century-Modern Pet Bed

By Megan Smith
Photos By Our Nerd Home

What was once old is definitely new again as mid-century modern furniture sweeps its way back into this year’s top home interior trends. But those angled table legs and simple, sleek lines aren’t just for human enjoyment. Thanks to this DIY project from Our Nerd Home, your furry friends can be just as stylish with their very own mid-century pet bed. Get your creative juices flowing and follow the instructions below. Barks and purrs of joy are guaranteed!

• Pet pillow
• Plywood
• Screws
• Wood glue
• Round tapered wood table legs (4)
• Angled table leg brackets (4)
• Painter’s tape
• Paint (any color)
• Paintbrush

11 DIY1. Start by purchasing a square pet pillow that will accommodate your furry friend’s size. You will base your measurements for the bed frame size on this pillow.
2. Depending on the size of the pet pillow, you will need to purchase 1–2 sheets of plywood to create the base and three sides of the bed frame. You can cut the sheet(s) yourself 12 DIYto fit the appropriate dimensions for your pillow, or have it done at the home-improvement store.
3. Once you have your pieces cut, align the sides on top of the base to form a box that’s open in the front.
4. Line the seams with a small amount of wood glue before screwing the sides into the base. Set aside.
5. Take your four table legs and use the painter’s tape to tape off all metal parts. Using your favorite color, paint the table legs. Let them sit until fully dry.
13 DIY6. Screw one table leg bracket on to each corner of the bottom of the bed frame’s base. Attach one leg to each bracket.
7. Paint the bed frame to match the table legs.
8. Add your four-legged friend and enjoy!

This project was originally featured on Our Nerd Home. For more information: ournerdhome.com.


Megan Smith

Megan Smith is the Assistant Editor for OutSmart Magazine.
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