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Put a Ring on It: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Your Special Day

By Henry V. Thiel

The question’s been popped, the answer is yes, and suddenly you’re engaged! Now it’s off to the jeweler to find your perfect rings.

The first thing to remember when choosing wedding rings is that, like your marriage, this is a lifelong commitment and both of you need to be deliriously happy with your choices. So before you go shopping, start by deciding whether your rings should be made of gold, silver, or platinum.

If you shop in Fort Bend County, check out Loggins Jewelers. For more than 20 years, they have taken pride in the fact that they can “find anything, design anything, and fix anything,” Loggins’ Stephanie Saa says.

Jeweler Herschel Teper, owner of Silverlust Jewelry, believes that “while the fashion of wedding bands and rings changes with the times, it’s all a matter of personal taste and individual style.” Silverlust has been providing Montrose residents with unique global pieces, custom designs, and repair services since 1984. “I make high-quality jewelry that is made to last. Anything a customer can dream of, I can make it in sterling silver or gold. I have been making wedding bands and rings for same-sex couples long before there was gay marriage,” says Teper.

Make your rings unique by personalizing them, and by making them as identical as twins, or as unique as each of you are. 

“When it comes to rings and wedding bands, the options are limitless,” says Helene Zadok, of Zadok Jewelers. “We have seen all variations. There are no right or wrong options. We have found many couples like Steven Kretchmer‘s tension-mount diamond rings. Other couples choose the exact same ring or band. We have also seen one person in a same-sex relationship purchase an engagement ring, while the other person purchases a wedding band. Others choose to have rings custom-designed to reflect something in their relationship that is special to them.”

Some couples choose to engrave their pet names or their wedding date inside their rings. One couple decided to have each ring engraved with their spouse’s name inside, along with the wedding date. For Saa’s brother, who wanted to surprise his partner of 28 years, he left it up to her to create something amazing. “I knew his partner loved diamonds,” says Saa. “So I added a 2-carat cushion-cut diamond in the center of a platinum band with waves of Ceylon sapphires on each side, which symbolize their love of snorkeling.”

Be sure to choose a ring that fits your lifestyle, because you are going to be wearing this ring every day. If you play sports or a musical instrument, choose a ring that is thin with rounded edges. Work with your hands? Then go for a solid-metal ring and avoid gemstones prone to get loose from the setting.

“If you cannot find the ring of your dreams, visit with one of our bench jewelers,” adds Zadok. “Custom design is one of our specialties. Our sales associates enjoy working with our customers to create designs especially for them. We can turn your dream into reality.”

Teper’s philosophy of “there are no rules or limits at Silverlust—we make what people want” has earned him numerous awards (including several Gayest & Greatest awards from this publication) and accolades from his customers for 32 years. “There is one common denominator among all our customers: we make them happy, guaranteed.”

Henry V. Thiel is a principal with The Epicurean Publicist. He is still waiting on his ring.


Loggins Jewelers  

14015 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land

281.242.2900 • logginsjewelers.com

Silverlust Jewelry

1338 Westheimer Rd., Ste. C, Houston

713.520.5440 • silverlustonline.com

Zadok Jewelers  

1749 Post Oak Blvd., Houston



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