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‘Don’t Tell Me to Wait’ By Kerry Eleveld

2 DontTellMeIn Don’t Tell Me to Wait: How the Fight for Gay Rights Changed America and Transformed Obama’s Presidency (Basic Books) former Advocate reporters Kerry Eleveld shows that Obama’s transformation from cautious gradualist to gay rights champion was the result of intense pressure from LGBT activists. These men and women changed the conversation issue by issue, pushing the president and the country toward greater freedom for us. Drawing on years of research and reporting, Eleveld tells the dramatic story of the fight for gay rights in America, detailing how activists pushed the president to change his mind, turned the tide of political opinion, and ensured that no Democratic presidential nominee would ever again shun marriage equality.

Don’t Tell Me to Wait captures a critical moment in American history and demonstrates the power of activism to change the course of a presidency—and a nation. Suzie Lynde


Suzie Lynde

Suzie Lynde is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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