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by Brandon Wallace

StraightBrandon Wallace grew up in conservative Arkansas, and he claims that he knew two things from an early age: that he was attracted to the same sex and that he wanted to serve in Christian ministry. Straight-Face tells the story of Wallace’s life. It starts with his first gay feelings when he was seven and goes through how he decided to put on a mask in order to become a youth minister with a Southern Baptist church. The reader sees Wallace’s story unfold as a gay man living in a world that tells him that he is wrong, until he eventually decides to leave the church, come out as gay, and is then forced to move by the pressures put on him by his former friends in the church. Straight-Face deals with how he finds a way to reconcile his Christian faith with his sexuality in a world that is slowly trying to do the same. Wallace is now a teacher and public speaker based out of Memphis, and this is his first novel. More information about Wallace, as well as his blog, can be found at —Bradley Donalson


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Bradley Donalson

Bradley Donalson is a frequent contributor to OutSmart magazine.

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