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‘Out to Kill’

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Private investigator Jim Noble (Scott Sell) moves into a beautiful loft complex in Tampa and finds murder literally right outside his door. When the corpse of singularly sexy—and universally reviled—Justin Jaymes (out singer/songwriter Tom Goss in his feature-film debut) is found floating naked in the courtyard pool, it has the unusually close-knit group of residents scrambling for alibis. Could the killer be the building’s nosy matchmaker Gene Sherman (Rob Moretti), or perhaps shy dentist Vic Barnaby (Mark Strano)? In his quest to find the truth, Noble embarks upon a lurid, twisting journey to answer the question on everyone’s lips: “Who killed Justin Jaymes?” With its shocking ending and tropical locale, Out to Kill has won acclaim for offering a gay twist on the traditional murder mystery. Written and directed by Rob Williams. Guest House Films ( —Troy Carrington


Troy Carrington

Troy Carrington is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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