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2 TalkAuthor: Joe Wenke

Someone is following Jack Winthrop—most likely the gunman who tried to kill America’s most controversial talk show host, Abraham Lincoln Jones. Ever since that fateful night when Jones called Winthrop with his audacious proposal, life has never been the same. Winthrop (an award-winning New York Times reporter who calls the Tit for Tat strip club his second home) agreed to collaborate on Jones’s national Emancipation Tour. The plan is to bring Jones’s passion for radical change to the people, face to face. As the reach of his stalker spreads, so does the fear that Winthrop’s unconventional family is also in danger—Rita Harvey, the gentle transgender ex-priest and LGBT activist; Slow Mo, the massive vegetarian bouncer; and Donna, the stripper and entrepreneurial prodigy—as well as media expert Danielle Jackson, the woman who is claiming his heart. Available October 15 from TransÜber ( —Suzie Lynde


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