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Now and Yesterday


NowAndYesterdayBy Stephen Greco
Reviewed by Angel Curtis

Peter is an über-successful advertising executive. Widowed by HIV and approaching 60, he is happy with being single. Well, almost. Peter meets Will, a very young bartender trying to be a writer. The two go to the opera, and a wonderful friendship begins. Peter would like more than a friendship, but finds himself caught between the insecurities and hopes of an older man. Will is doing what young men do—playing the field and making his first adult home with his whip-smart female best friend and roommate. An eon of poor communication and second-guessing leave everyone anxious. And it does seem like an eon—one of the charms of this book is that the beautiful writing tells the story in a slow, natural way that feels absolutely true. This book deftly explores issues of friendship, success, and feeling attractive as one ages. This one is a set-piece gem. Kensington Publishing (


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