W. Pa. schools nix transgender homecoming king

Kasey Caron
Kasey Caron

A western Pennsylvania school board won’t let a transgender student who was born female but identifies as male run for homecoming king.

Kasey Caron is a 17-year-old senior who was diagnosed at a young age with polycystic ovary syndrome which, among other things, can cause biological females to produce higher-than-normal levels of male hormones.

The Richland School Board didn’t rule on Caron’s request Monday night, but simply let stand an earlier decision by school administrators which leaves Kasey on the female ballot for homecoming queen.

Kasey’s mother, Kathy Caron, says she’s “disappointed” by the decision and Kasey says, “My heart sunk a little.”

School board solicitor Timothy Leventry says Pennsylvania law requires a person born female to have a physician certify a sex change operation and have their birth certificate changed to “male” to legally be considered male.

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