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White Frog

4 WhiteChaz Young (Harry Shum Jr.) is the perfect son, the most popular kid in school, headed for Stanford, and unconditionally adored by his upwardly mobile parents (played by Joan Chen and out actor BD Wong). His younger brother, Nick (Booboo Stewart), lives in his shadows, brilliant but isolated by his Asperger’s Syndrome. At home, Chaz keeps the peace between his father and mother while running interference for Nick, who is barely acknowledged by his conservative parents. When Chaz dies in a tragic accident, the family spirals into disarray. In an effort to keep his brother’s memory alive, Nick tentatively reaches out to Chaz’s school friends to try making sense of his untimely death. In doing so, Nick realizes that his brother had a secret life. The truth of his brother’s life will change his own forever. From Wolfe ( —Troy Carrington

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