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Green Thumb: A Novella

Written by Tom Cardamone
Reviewed by Angel Curtis

The Red War and Genie Boxes have resulted in a post-apocalypse version of South Florida that rings absolutely real to this Florida native. Some people are “normal.” Some have been transformed by the Genie Boxes. People act exactly as you would expect in such a scenario, each against all. Leaf arrives on the scene and brings healing, for free, to all. The exploitation begins—the local powers (big and small) behave in the expected horrific ways. Leaf finally escapes, heads west, and becomes the Everglades (yes, you read that right—he physically transforms to become the swamp). Hope, magic, and breathtaking writing combine to give us a book I will keep always. Bravo. BrazenHead/Lethe (

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Angel Curtis

Angel Curtis is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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