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Tom Fricke Appointed New Associate Publisher of ‘OutSmart’ Magazine

Tom Fricke

Tom Fricke has been promoted to associate publisher of OutSmart. Fricke began working at OutSmart in 2004 in the capacity as business manager. His new position will now also include the oversight of all departments, including the editorial and production departments, as well as supervise the day-to-day operation of the publication.

“Tom has been an integral part of shaping the magazine since the first day he came on board and has been instrumental in insuring the magazine’s long-term financial health and success. I know he will employ those same management principles and skills while helping to guide the editorial side as well,” said publisher Greg Jeu.

OutSmart entered its 19th year in publication in February.


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Ann Walton Sieber

Ann Walton Sieber is the Web Editor for OutSmart Magazine.

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