Douglas Funded By Big Republican Donor and Activist

Lane Lewis for Harris County Democratic Party Chair today calls on Douglas to explain why her campaign is being funded by a Republican donor and activist. Half of Douglas’ campaign contributions have come from Paul Kubosh, who has made significant contributions to Republican candidates and party committees, has a solid Republican voting history and is currently the campaign treasurer for a Republican judicial candidate.

  • Republican Paul Kubosh, who has bankrolled half of Douglas’ campaign for chair, has:
  • Voted Republican in the 2008 Presidential primary
  • Voted Republican in the 2000, 2002 and 2010 primaries
  • Donated at over $30,000 to Republican candidates in since 2008
  • including $5,000 to the Harris County Republican Party
  • including $12,000 to Republican State Representative Allen Fletcher
  • including $14,000 to Republican judicial candidate Ed Casanova
  • Serves as campaign treasurer for Republican judicial candidate Ed Casanova

“I am shocked to learn that my opponent has such close ties to the Republican Party,” said Democratic Party Chair Lewis. “I think Democratic Primary voters should expect more from candidates for Party Chair. How can voters expect Douglas to work to get Democrats elected in 2012 when she is relying on Republicans to try and get herself elected?”

Lewis is a former president of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus.


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