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Aloisamaria, a gold-member Girl Scout graduate, gives a spot-on counter-argument against transphobic and hateful Girl Scout Taylor’s call to boycott Girl Scout cookies this season at With no wasted words, the Girl Scout grad gives a brilliant dressing-down to Taylor’s long-winded and ill-informed argument that having transgender girls in the Girl Scouts endangers young girls and jeopardizes the sisterhood of Girl Scouts. Taylor ends her argument by asking Americans to boycott the cookies we are all addicted to until Girl Scouts of the USA changes their decision (a plea that has everyone I know doubling their cookie orders). Aloisamaria reminds Taylor of all the important Girl Scout values she left out in her (now private) video. She talks about the important role Girl Scouts played in her life, and that the very point of Girl Scouts is to inspire and support young girls, enabling their growth into confident, capable women—a support system that young transgender girls need when people like Taylor are trying to tear them down. She signs off with a call to transgender Girl Scouts, affirming that they are her sisters and inviting them to collaborate on service projects and to go camping with her. An awesome show of being an ally.

See the video:

—Alex Grandstaff

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