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The Last Nude

Book by Ellis Avery

Tamara de Lempicka was an artist living and working in Paris during the Jazz Age. Her painting “Beautiful Rafaela” is considered to be one of the most important nudes of the 20th century and is the basis for this story. What happens between artists and models? We don’t really know, but we imagine. Here, Ellis Avery creates her own story of what happened between these two. Evoking the romance of the heyday of the Left Bank—when Shakespere and Company was publishing Joyce, when Gertrude and Alice were at the height of their influence—Avery paints a story that makes you wish you were there. But as with all true tales, people change, people show their true colors, and people move on. This story goes beyond the initial romance to real-life hard decisions, real-life tragedies, and the flaws that make us wish we were someone else. Simply put, this is the best book of 2011. Penguin Group ( —Review: Angel Curtis


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