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The AIDS Housing Coalition of Houston Seeks Donations

AIDS Housing Coalition Houston (AHCH) is seeking donations of clothing, space heaters, blankets, and funds to help the needy in the city.

Matt Locklin, executive director of AHCH, said the donations will go to people who are truly in need, regardless of their sexual orientation. “These donations are real,” he said. “We have an all-volunteer program run by people who decide who gets a space heater or clothing.”

AHCH provides need-based co-pay housing for people who would otherwise be homeless, Locklin said, and the center provides other people on its list with an occasional hot meal. The organization doesn’t rely on federal funds, and helps people to stabilize their health, housing, and nutritional needs so they can take care of themselves again.

“If our clients are not so worried about what they are going to eat every day, then they can think about how to get themselves out of their problems,” he said.

AHCH seeks year-round donations of food, clothing, and personal toiletries for its clients, and it also accepts online donations by credit or debit card.

For more information about AIDS Housing Coalition Houston and to find local drop-off locations, visit ahchinc.webs.com or call 713/864-1765. —Josef Molnar

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