“Out in America” will be shown on Houston PBS on Thursday, June 9

From Ernie Manouse, Anchor and Producer at Channel 8,

“Out in America” will be shown on Houston PBS tonight (Thursday, June 9th) – during our pledge drive at 10:30 pm. This is a huge move – not only is the station airing this gay focused program (which we already know will get a big back lash from the ultra conservative contingent), but the station is airing this show during our pledge drive – a very important time in our schedule and one that is watched very closely.

I have taped a couple of pledge breaks that will surround this show asking for your donations… WE NEED TO HEAR FROM THE COMMUNITY TONIGHT!

Please share this information with EVERYONE you know – let them know that pledging during this show will show our community’s support for GLBT programing… TRUST ME we will hear form the other side LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY… So we need to hear from our community.

If you had planned to pledge during this drive at any point – PLEASE DO IT TONIGHT!!! If you hadn’t planned on pledging— please reconsider and do it tonight.

And when you call in your pledge – tell the volunteer you are pledging because you believe HoustonPBS should continue to promote and support the GLBT community!

PLEASE call in your donations between 10:30pm – 11:59 pm tonight. Call 713-741-4444.

Please share this with everyone you know who supports GLBT and wants to see more positive representations of our community on television!

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