Houston Mayor Annise Parker Shares Personal Story of Young Love

The subject line says it all. Houston Mayor Annise Parker gets personal and reminisces in this Video Story as she discusses her first loves and the struggles she had to go through to maintain relationships, first as a teenager and later as a college student at Rice. Feel free to post on your sites and blogs, or email it around to those who might enjoy it.


The website I’ collects true LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) stories from all over the world–from the smallest towns to the biggest cities–to help queer youth feel not so alone. The hundreds of written stories and over 100 Video Stories range from the furtive life of a gay man living in Indiana during the ultra conservative, and unforgiving 1950s, to a clandestine underground gay-straight alliance in present day Indonesia. While some stories recount bitter memories of violence, hatred, and intolerance, most are a testament to the most common of human emotions – optimism, love, honesty, and hope. Together, these stories offer rare insight, and lend indisputable humanity to the lives of LGBT people everywhere, giving queer people young and old the world over a sense of community and a reassurance that they are not alone.


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