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by Brandon Wolf


Each year since 1974, the Diana Awards has published a souvenir program. These programs reveal the diversity of the organization’s creative minds and provide a permanent record of the annual events. Over the years, the programs have become larger and are now filled with award show photos, member lists, memorial pages, and advertisers. Special tributes are regularly paid to the members’ pets—their Diamond Dogs, Cuddly Cats, and Assorted “Dianimals.” In the early years of the programs, space was left for autographs of award winners, cast members, friends, and potential tricks.

Past programs reveal the names of many businesses that now exist only in our memories—Union Jack, Cuddles, the Record Rack, the Pleasant Peasant, Tropicana Swim Club, Kindred Spirits, the Gucci Pucci, Second Verse, the Happy Buddha, the Galleon, Twins, Dirty Sally’s, Ah Men, the French Quarter, Midnite Sun, Muscle Beach, Sheer Fantasy, Rascals, the Sports Locker, Parade Disco, House of Coleman, Miss Charlotte’s, the Officers Club, the Dragon & the Rat, Basic Brothers, the Chafing Dish, Bacchus, Risky Business, and Mad Elegance.




The Diana Foundation is interested in preserving the history of what is now the country’s oldest continually active gay organization, and encourages Diana alumni to share their memories and memorabilia. Plans are under way with local gay archives to collect Diana history, including written and oral histories.

For further information about their history initiative, functions open to the public, or information on how to join the Dianas, please contact the Diana Foundation officers. The Diana Foundation is open to people of all sexual orientations.

The Diana Foundation
P.O. Box 66523
Houston, TX  77266-6523
Telephone: 713/639-2000
E-mail:[email protected]
Website: http://thedianafoundation.org



[email protected]



Dianas Founder David Moncrief lived in an apartment building set on a magical block of land in the 3400 block of Louisiana Avenue… (read more)



For an extended experience of the history of the Diana Foundation, please go to Facebook (www.facebook.com) and enter “The Diana Foundation” in the search box. Then click on the link that is displayed.

If you are not a Facebook member, you will need to sign up, but the process is simple, and you can give minimal information to do so. Once on The Diana Foundation page, click on Become a Fan.

The Facebook page has a special look at what the guests at Diana 1 saw on television the night the Dianas were born on March 25, 1954; hundreds of photos of past Diana Awards shows; on-line video clips from Diana Awards shows; copies of Diana Awards; covers of all past programs; and personal photos shared by current or former Diana members.

The page also provides the ability to leave your own comments, take part in discussions, and share your own Diana photographs and/or videos.




Brandon Wolf

Brandon Wolf is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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