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What does $5 buy?

An unusual approach to raise money for a promising HIV vaccine just might pay off

Doctor Sudhir Paul of The University of Texas Houston Medical School has developed a chemically activated prototype vaccine that has caused production of protective antibodies against genetically diverse strains of HIV. This protocol has only been tested on animals thus far, but the published results are very promising.

To help continue the research to move onto the next phase—human trials—the Covalent Immunology Foundation is taking an unorthodox angle for fundraising. They’re asking for money from the general public, making this noble goal a truly community effort. To support this request, a video featuring a diverse cast compares the price of a cup of coffee or a designer ice cream bar to helping fund research for HIV.

Lady Bunny, actors Wilson Cruz, Kristen Rento and Thea Gill, reigning burlesque queen Angie Pontani, and others throw their support behind the cause. To find out how to send your donation, go to endhiv.com today.



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