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Nobody but Annise. Thanks for the memories. Regarding Lucille.


I hope that all LGBT Houstonians will show their pride on November 3, 2009, by turning out to vote for Annise Parker as the next mayor of the city of Houston [re: “Annise Parker Aims High” by Brandon Wolf, June 2009].

Annise is far and away the most qualified of the candidates on the ballot. She has been an outstanding member of the Houston City Council and has served with distinction in her post as City Controller. She has a keen knowledge of managing the city budget, of promoting the best crime-prevention programs, and of enhancing city services in a fiscally responsible manner. Annise will make all Houstonians, whether LGBT or straight, whether Hispanic, African-American, or Anglo, proud of their city when she assumes the office of mayor. No other candidate has the depth of knowledge or the “hands-on” experience that Annise has.

The LGBT community, however, must step up to the plate and vote on November 3, 2009, for Annise (or you can take advantage of early voting, which is even better!). Many local, state, and national elections in the past few years have been decided by merely a handful of voters.

Your vote counts. If 100,000-plus LGBT Houstonians can turn out for the Gay Pride Parade on a hot, humid June night, then even more than 100,000-plus in our community can make the time to go to the polls on November 3 and vote for Annise.

Annise has served us well over the past years. Now it’s time for our community to make Annise Parker the next mayor of Houston on November 3. Be proud, be heard, be counted, and vote for Annise.

Alan J. Hurwitz, MD
Houston, Texas  

I just happened to stumble upon the PastOut article in the September issue [“11 Years Ago in OutSmart” by Donelevan Maines] and shared it with a few of the fellow teammates still here in Houston. Thanks a ton for bringing back some wonderful memories for us, especially as the Montrose Softball League approaches its 30th anniversary in 2010! Stumbling upon the article complemented my search through old photos to contribute to a commemorative photo album being compiled by the league.
Tina Burgos
Houston, Texas

Just wanted to put a bug in your ear regarding the article for Meet Me in St. Louis [“OutSmart’s Fall 2009 Arts Preview,” by D.L. Groover, September]. The article made reference to the original cast members from the MGM movie, made in 1944. The article made reference to “Louise” Bremer. The correct name is Lucille Bremer! I know this may be a bit trivial, but she is my idol and I just wanted to make sure she got the recognition she so justly deserves for the contribution she made to the art of dance. She was a major player in the movie [playing] “Rose Smith” next to Judy Garland. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!
Vernon Facundo
Houston, Texas


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