Liquid Toffee and Musoetryz

Ifa Bumi’s poem “Yield” insists that you tie me to your imagination. This can be arousing, but then the reader is faced with a rather unoriginal image of unoriginal soaked panties. What’s a girl to do—read on or take care of business herself? This gal read on. The poem titled “Thirsty Desires” contains the line: I want to cast myself beneath your naughty treats. This expression, I assume, exists to create excitement or convey indulgence. Instead, the phrase of “naughty treats” is simply distracting.

Although the Georgia music artist and writer’s Liquid Toffee fails to incite, Bumi’s Musoetry delivers. It is at once sexy and inviting. Two tracks in particular, “Making Out” and “Ruby,” resemble Madonna’s breathy “Justify My Love.”   They are embraced in backbeats that excite the body to move. Enveloped with Bumi’s silky spoken words, the CD is titillating and an absolute for your iTunes playlist titled “Tease Me, Spank Me, Feed Me Grapes.”

A new voice certainly exists in Liquid Toffee and Musoetry. Perhaps Bumi’s “anxious fingers” will do something for you. – Review by Joyce Gabiola


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