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It’s A Gay Gut Buster

Do you want to shed those winter pounds and get in shape? Sure, you can apply to The Biggest Loser and have a national TV audience watch as you get voted off the show, or you can sign up for a free, 12-week community weight-loss program in Montrose. And nobody gets voted off the island.

The Montrose Community Meltdown is the brainchild of Josh Price, a guy who knows a little something about weight loss and reality TV.

Houston native Price headed to Hollywood in 2004, working as a production assistant on TV shows and as the casting director on Ryan Seacrest’s 2008 Mamma’s Boys, a sort of Bachelor -with-mom’s-approval reality show. Price returned to Houston to work on two national court shows that film here at Fox 26: Cristina’s Court and Judge Alex.

“I finally got out of the business,” Price says. “I retired at 28! Too many long nights and broken cell phones.” Now, he runs a personal concierge service, and he’s recently gotten engaged to Anthony Seals, his partner of three years. But both of them fight the battle of the bulge, and that’s why Price got the idea for a community meltdown.

“I’ve battled obesity my whole life,” says Price. “I’ve been up and down. I’m up now, and I think the only way for me to combat this problem is to be responsible and motivate others in the community.” That, and inspiration from his mom who works in the fitness industry—coupled with an insider’s knowledge of reality TV—has lead to the Montrose Community Meltdown. Those who sign up for the free program will find themselves experiencing something akin to The Biggest Loser, working with trainers at area gyms that are sponsors and attending motivational meetings at the Montrose Counseling Center. And yes, Price will use his Hollywood connections to bring in some big-name speakers. But the bottom line is about the community helping each other lose weight.

“We’re hoping for more than 300 people,” Price says. “And everyone is welcome—gay, straight, whatever! Obesity is such a problem in this country today, we really need to address the problem and do something about it.”

As for Price himself, he’s hoping to lose 60 pounds during the 12-week challenge. And Seals will be right there with him.

“Anthony’s very excited about it. He’s participating in it, too,” Price says. “He’s very excited and he wants this for both of us.” —Marene Gustin

Montrose Community Meltdown is a free, 12-week course which starts in July. You can sign up now at http://www.montrosecommunitymeltdown.blogspot.com and follow the fun on FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter. Price is hoping participants will blog, post, and upload photos to share their inspirational weight-loss stories.  – by Nancy Ford


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