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Attorney Leaves Law Firm To Run For Public Office

Jerry Simoneaux , co-founder and partner in the law firm of Simoneaux and Frye, has announced his departure from the law firm he co-founded with partner Phyllis Frye in order to pursue opportunities in public service or politics.  

“The campaign and election of President-elect Obama inspired me profoundly,” said Simoneaux. “Here in Harris County, we elected three openly gay judges to District Court benches and ushered in a new era of real representation in local politics. Now, more than ever, I am convinced that our diverse and talented GLBT community is truly part of the change, and not just cheering for change from the sidelines.”

The law firm continues to operate as Frye and Cantú, with new named partner Patricia Cantú and Salvador Benavidez joining its current slate of partners, Frye and Rob Scamardo. Simoneaux remains with the firm in an advisory role with the title “of Counsel.”

“Our new arrangement affords me the best of all worlds,” Simoneaux said. “Remaining with the firm in an advisory position without the enormous time-consuming administrative duties I once had will allow me to focus on serving my clients while freeing me to pursue avenues in public service or politics.” – Nancy Ford

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