DVD Shorts: November 2008

ButchJamieButch Jamie
Take the plot of Tootsie, but give it a lesbian twist. Directed by Michelle Ehlen, who once played an ex-con on Ugly Betty. Includes Robyn Paterson’s Straight Hike for the Butch Dyke as a bonus feature. 2007. Wolfe Video —Preview: Nancy Ford

 I Dreamt Under the Water (J’ai rêvé sous l’eau)

When Alex OD’s in his arms, Antonin sublimates his pain with public gay sex, eventually becoming a “rent boy.” But then he meets the beautiful, mysterious Juliette. French with English subtitles. 2008. TLA Releasing —Preview: N.F.

Weekend3-Day Weekend
Eight gay men escape to a cabin for a long weekend. Think Love! Valour! Compassion! with a younger cast and set in the mountains instead of on Fire Island. Directed by Rob Williams. 2008. TLA Releasing —Preview: Nancy Ford

Sex and the City
Strap on your Manolos and shake those cosmopolitans: the film treatment of the series that elevated Fag Hag to High Art is now available on DVD, and includes exclusive fashion tips as a bonus feature. 2008. Warner Home Video —Preview: Nancy Ford


Jason Stuart: Making It to the Middle
Pioneeringly out way before out was cool, comedian Jason Stuart expanded his notable career well beyond the comedy clubs and onto both big (Gia, Coffee Date) and small (My Wife & Kids, Will & Grace) screens. This documentary reveals why he’s so successful. 2007. Nov. 18 from Wolfe Video —Preview: Nancy Ford

WranglerWrangler: Anatomy of an Icon
Star of more than 80 adult films (gay and straight), Jack Wrangler was the king of that genre in the ’70s. Porn greats Chi Chi LaRue and Sharon Mitchell join “legit” commentators Bruce Vilanch, Michael Musto, Margaret Whiting, and others to sing his praises, documentary-style. 2008. TLA Releasing www.tlareleasing.comPreview: Nancy Ford


The Cult of Cartman: Revelations
Screw you, guys—I’m going home if you don’t thoroughly enjoy this unrated 12-pack of South Park episodes featuring motivational life lessons of that precocious young lad, Eric TheCultCartman. Includes “Eek, A Penis!,” Mrs. Garrison’s oh-so-rude trans-formation back into Mr. Garrison. Paramount —Preview: Nancy Ford

Project Runway: The Complete Fourth Season
We already know Christian Siriano won top honors in PR’s fourth season. But you haven’t seen this DVD’s bonus features which spotlight him and present six of L’Oreal’s top makeup tips. Fierce. Nov. 4 from Weinstein Company and Genius Products —Preview: Nancy Ford  

Samantha Who?: The Complete First Season
After emerging from an eight-day coma, Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) can’t remember anything. Although some things are best forgotten, Sam is determined to dig up the “goods” on herself. With a little help from her ex-boyfriend, ex-doorman, two friends, and parents, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a bad-girl-gone-good. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. —Preview: Suzie Lynde


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