DVD Shorts: August 2008

 FinnsGirlFinn’s Girl
What constitutes a family? Canadian filmmakers Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert’s sexy and suspenseful film focusing on a lesbian doctor, her rebellious 11-year-old daughter, and an abortion clinic attempts to provide an alternative answer to that ever-provocative question. Winner of the 2007 Los Angeles OutFest Special Programming Committee Award. • Wolfe ( — Preview: Nancy Ford

RAW Spice
Before their smash single “Wannabe” took control of radios everywhere, the Spice Girls as a group was cheap, bland, and insubstantial . . . just like this documentary, which only chronicles the ’90s goddesses before they hit mega-stardom. While shocking footage of Victoria Beckham before she became Robo-nipples is entertaining, it’s not enough to save this snoozer. This documentary needs a little more, well, spice. • Available August 12 from Shout! Factory ( — Review: David Goldberg

4LetterWordFour Letter Word
Set in New York’s gay neighborhood, Chelsea, Four Letter Word stars Jesse Archer as Luke, an engaging, promiscuous man working in a sex shop. When Luke falls hard for macho man Stephen, he considers monogamy. But in this romantic comedy, love is never easy or simple. DVD extras like a music video for the song “Faggotty Attention” and the documentary spoof “Is Mace Gay?” add to the fun. • 2007. Co-written and directed by Casper Andreas. • Available August 19 from Embrem Entertainment ( and TLA Releasing ( — Preview: Eric A.T. Dieckman

This Kiss
A semi-short clocking in at a mere 65 minutes, this thoughtful Australian love story is not only about two lesbians and their teenage secrets, but is also the collaboration of two lesbians. Director Kylie Eddy and lead actress Tamsin Gatewood, both out, mined the real-life subject matter from their own 20-year friendship. • 2007. Picture This! Home Video ( — Preview: Nancy Ford

funHouseComedy Central’s Home Grown: Uncensored
If you smoke pot, you love to laugh as well. This compilation of sitcom episodes, sketches, and animation will keep those laughs going long after the high has worn off. An episode of The Sarah Silverman Program finds Sarah’s gay neighbors, her “gaybors,” getting in over their heads — and out of their heads — on medical marijuana. And Jerri Blank concocts a batch of “glint” to win friends, and inadvertently kills one, in an episode of Strangers with Candy. • Comedy Central ( — Review: Eric A.T. Dieckman

The Carmen Miranda Collection
Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda was never a big enough star to, as they say, “carry a picture,” but anyone viewing the contents of The Carmen Miranda Collection will probably understand how she was able to steal scenes easily from costars like Alice Faye and Don Ameche. With those incredible samba sounds emanating from her cherry red lips, not to mention all that other fruit on her head, Miss Miranda could have stolen scenes from Godzilla. See for yourself. This new DVD collection includes the previously issued but newly remastered The Gang’s All Here from 1943, plus Something for the Boys and Greenwich Village from 1944, Doll Face from 1945, and If I’m Lucky from 1946. • Fox Home Entertainment ( — Review: Jack Varsi


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