From Our Readers: July 2008

The band plays on… Daddy dearest… Jay Bakker a tad arrogant?

I just read the feature article on the band, and words cannot begin to express my delight with and appreciation of the article [“Let the Music Play” by Nancy Ford, June 2008]. I, along with the Houston Pride Band board and all band members—past and present—want to thank OutSmart , wholeheartedly, for placing such a bright, positive light on our organization and the upcoming anniversary concert. 

The Houston GLBT community is truly fortunate to have a voice such as OutSmart to speak for and about us.

Many, many thanks,
Rudy Martinez
Marketing Director, Houston Pride Band
Houston, Texas

In 1984, many members [of the Houston band] joined Dallas’ Oak Lawn Symphonic Band to fly to Los Angeles and perform in the Hollywood Bowl. That has always been the biggest thrill I had from the band. 

Elroy Forbes
Houston Pride Band
Founder, Tubas of Death
Houston, Texas

Loved the gay dads story by Jack Berger [“Happy Father’s Day,” June 2008]. Great stuff!

Randy K. Holland
Houston, Texas


I don’t get it. Just because a group of whatever sort (doesn’t have to be gay—any type of self-made “group”) says that they want to meet with a pastor on a particular date, he is supposed to do so? [“News Briefs,” June 2008.] What if he already has something going on? A parent’s birthday, a child’s baseball game—whatever.

Is a pastor just supposed to stop life and honor this day that these people have created? To what purpose is this happening?

Jay Bakker and his church are the only ones who stand to gain attention. And if these churches don’t notice them, then they are in the wrong.

A bit arrogant, if you ask me.

Beth Webb
Houston, Texas

In the story about the Houston Pride Band (“Let The Music Play,” June 2008), Yvonne Feece photographed “Young man with a horn” on page 85, and Dalton DeHart photographed “Music makers” on page 88. OutSmart regrets the error.

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