ReadOut Shorts: April 2007

Memoir of a mom and her transgender child. Gay marriage. The REAL anti-Christ. Rita Mae Brown’s latest Sneaky Pie. The Gay Man’s Guide to Finding Love Online. And Houston summer camp guide 2007.

Aaron Raz Link and Hilda Raz
Univ. of Nebraska Press (
BecomesYouAll I could say after first finishing this one was, “Wow, what a book!” This deeply personal collaborative memoir details the multiple layers of the journey Child and Mom take on the road to Sarah becoming Aaron. This book can’t help but challenge the readers to rethink what they know about gender, sex, family relationships, and themselves. A compelling narrative, this is the best book I’ve read this year. — Review: Angel Curtis

Gay Marriage and Democracy
R. Claire Snyder
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

To carry the marriage debate beyond emotional rhetoric, Snyder’s book is the one we need. Scholarly and well written, it develops a case for gay marriage that reveals the logical flaws in the arguments posed against us by the conservative and religious right. Elegantly reasoned and fully referenced, the logic here shows that full civil rights for all is simple American justice. — Review: Angel Curtis

The Real AntiChrist: How America Sold Its Soul
Michael S. Piazza
Source of Hope Publishing (
AntiChristThough the cover of his book sensationally depicts George W. Bush with the word “antichrist” emblazoned on his forehead, author Michael S. Piazza insists W, per se, is not him. Or it. Penned by one of the driving forces behind Dallas’ gay megachurch, the Cathedral of Hope, this tome offers Rev. Piazza’s theory on who — or what — is. — Preview: Nancy Ford

Seventy Times Seven
Salvatore Sapienza
Harrington Park Press (
Seventy Times Seven is a look at the religious life of Brother Vito Fortunato, a young gay man who is ever so human. The author records Vito’s honest thoughts on reconciling his gay lifestyle (after meeting the man who becomes his lover) with his brotherhood and, in the process, makes Seventy Times Seven an engaging read that balances homosexuality, religion, and spirituality.
— Review: Blase DiStefano

Puss ‘n Cahoots
Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown
Bantam Books (www.random
AntiChristRita Mae and Sneaky Pie continue in stride! As always, Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, Tucker, and a host of animal companions help the sense-limited humans solve the crime and save the day. A special bonus in this one, you’ll meet a new animal character whose name will become synonymous with bitchy drag queen. Truly entertaining, there is no better way to spend an afternoon than visiting with the kids. — Review: Angel Curtis

M4M: For an Hour or Forever — The Gay Man’s Guide to Finding Love Online
Jack Mauro
Simon Spotlight Entertainment

Here in one volume is expert advice on everything online from creating your online profile to setting up hookups. Well organized, realistic, and real, this book can not only help you avoid looking like a total dork, but can help you find the fun you are looking for. Read this one even if you think you know what you’re doing. — Review: Angel Curtis

The Summer Book 2007: A Guide to Houston Day Camps and Classes for Kids and Teens
Sarah Gish

SummerBookThe title says it all. This is mother/marketing whiz Sarah Gish’s fourth edition, listing more than 200 fun ways to entertain and educate the younger set while school’s out. The Summer Book 2007 is a required reference for every local parent who doesn’t consider Wii or Time Warner Cable a suitable babysitter. For more information, visit — Preview: Nancy Ford

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