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The photo exhibition Love Makes a Family, on view in Houston this month, features images of GLBT families from across the United States.

Same-gender couples and their children may not turn out to be the hot-button, red-meat-for-the-right-wing issue in the Texas legislature that it was in 2005. Still, as the late, great Molly Ivins observed, when the lege is in session anything can happen–and our community knows that where politicians go, homophobia often follows.

Those facts makes the exhibition Love Makes a Family: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People and their Families, presented March 9-15 at Bering and James gallery, especially timely, even provocative, as the session heats up in Austin.

The exhibition–portraits of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender families from across the country, including some Texans–is organized by the Massachusetts-based nonprofit group Family Diversity Projects (co-founder and co-director Gigi Kaeser is the photographer). Since it debuted in 1996, Love Makes a Family has traveled to more than 1,000 communities in the United States. Equality Texas, the equal-rights group, sponsors the statewide, five-city tour, which also includes Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, and the state capitol building in Austin.

These families include the Stokes family, the Elasser-Robinson family, and the Jang-Otto family. “Family means the people who look out for me and treat me with love and respect,” sixth-grader Nabowire Stokes is quoted in the text that accompanies the pictures.

In Houston, Equality Texas invites all GLBT families to attend the opening reception on Friday, March 9. — Tim Brookover

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