From Our Readers: January 2007

More on the Garden Guys controversy.


I think it’s important to remember that we all have a right to choose who we will or will not associate with, both personally and professionally. Just as Mr. Lord and Mr. Lackey may choose not to do business with The Garden Guy (and in fact they have indirectly done considerable harm to the entire family, as they are now receiving threats to their children), likewise the Farber family has the right to choose not to do business with them [“What a World,” November].

While I may not agree with the way the Farbers choose to interact with their fellow humans, it can never be OK for anyone to spread hate. Mrs. Farber’s actions were at worst tactless and disrespectful. They did no actual harm to anyone. However, Mr. Lord and Mr. Lackey did intentionally do harm to them.
I think a little love and forgiveness is called for.

Kathy Walker


This name [The Garden Guy] attracted my attention last night on NPR, then somebody pointed out this article which I just had to read [“What a World,” November].

Years ago I tried to hire the services of Garden Guy, who happens to live in my neighborhood. He came, and I thought he was arrogant, moody, and belittling. Mine is not a gay household. I am a single Jewish woman who can only tolerate dogs as housemates. I cannot tell you if Garden Guy saw any of this in my face, but my estimate was postponed, and then postponed…. [It] seems like he got upset because I could not meet his schedules (I thought he was supposed to meet mine), and then flat told me that he would prefer that I find somebody else to do the job.

So to answer a question in your article: I do not think it’s just gays this guy dislikes. I am so very happy that I did not let [him] in my home. I think the couple involved in this incident should also be happy not to have [him] working in their home.

Name withheld by request



Thank you for writing the story on The Great American Christmas [“This Ain’t No ‘Very Brady Christmas,” Television, November]. Drew [Panico] and I are so glad to see you covering it. We haven’t even seen the movie yet ourselves.

Just a couple corrections on the story: In the story, it reads that we go back to visit Drew’s family. We actually go back to see Ted’s family. Plus, you have my name listed at Ted Trentman.   My name is Ted Trent. NBC/Universal got that incorrect. I’d love it if you could change it.

Ted Trent
Los Angeles

Editor’s Note: Trent and Panico were featured in the documentary program The Great American Christmas that aired on USA Network in November and December. Trent owns OutoftheClosetTelevision.com, the provider of original GLBT broadband video programming on the Internet.


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