Reserve a Spot in Our Pride 2022 Issue

Our largest edition of the year debuts in June!

June is Pride Month, an annual commemoration of the ongoing fight for LGBTQ rights. OutSmart is marking this moment with another extended edition, and we want you to celebrate with us and our readers. 

Our largest issue of the year features over 200 pages and highlights the best of Pride through event coverage, gift guides, leader profiles, and more. Distributed in print at more than 350 locations across the greater Houston area and Galveston, this publication has a year-round shelf life with many OutSmart fans saving the magazine for future reading. Our digital issue has an additional reach of 150,000 both locally and nationally. 

Your LGBTQ customers celebrate Pride every day simply by living their lives. Now is the perfect time to show them how much you love being a part of their daily experiences by joining OutSmart and solidifying your commitment to diversity and equality. 

Nearly 80 percent of consumers say they are influenced by companies that advertise in LGBTQ media. OutSmart sees this first hand. After 29 years of publishing, our award-winning magazine has cultivated an affluent, educated, and fiercely brand-loyal audience. According to a recent audit, 94 percent of our readers say they will “go out of their way to provide services advertised in OutSmart.” That’s why an ad in our June Pride issue speaks stronger, lasts longer, and is read more than any other publication in Texas.

Reserve your space today!

Our June Pride issue advertising deadline is May 13.
For more information, call OutSmart at 713.520.7237 ext. 710
or email us at [email protected].

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