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The structure of society, business, and government continues to be purged and exposed.

Overview by Lilly Roddy \ Illustrations by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre

Our New Year starts off slowly with Venus and Mercury retrograde until February 10, making New Year’s resolutions more difficult to implement. Spring and summer are active times this year.

The cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) are completing old projects and exploring new avenues and opportunities in the summer and early fall. There is more social activity and more fun. The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio) are looking for inspiration and a way to make plans happen. Security is a big focus for them. The mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini) are very busy this year with expanding their education, relocating, and traveling more.

Fixed signs get the most activity, with two planets affecting them directly. Plus, the eclipses occur in Scorpio and Taurus, also impacting the fixed signs. Eclipses are at the end of April, mid-May, the end of October, and early November. This will create options that affect career goals.

Mercury, planet of communication and travel, will be retrograde four times this year. When Mercury is retrograde, take care of what you have on your plate and don’t add more. Our first Mercury retrograde is January 9 through February 14, followed by one in May through mid-June, another in September through mid-October, and another at the end of December through January 2023.

We also have a Mars retrograde from this October 13 through February 18, 2023. Mars is our planet of action and survival. When he is retrograde, we are more cautious about risk-taking and making commitments to ourselves. The retrogrades at the end of the year can make things more sluggish.

The structure of society, business, and government continues to be purged and exposed. This adds to concerns about the government and our representative democracy, a cycle likely to continue for the next four years. You can do something to improve the conditions: don’t let your fear stop you from acting.

Aries, inspired by dancer Willi Ninja


March 21–April 19

Aries have been going through an enormous period of change since 2008. Your views, your sense of social responsibility, and the way you function at work have all been challenged during this long period. You are at the end of that process this year. You have been cleaning up your life and getting clear on who you are. You have about one year left to make sure you didn’t miss any spots.

Summer holds a lot of promise with expanded social contacts and better job opportunities. This is a better time for travel, meeting new people, and promoting yourself or your services. Your relationship energies are also more positive, improving your existing partnerships and opening you up to new people. If you are single, the summer is a much better time for connecting with potential new partners. You may also want to explore expanding your education or going back to school and changing directions altogether.

Groups and organizations are important this year as places to network and expand potential resources. You are very selective about where you want to spend your time because you want a return on the energy you invest.

With your career, you are looking for something that you can feel passionate about. What previously fed your drive to succeed has been fading away. It’s a better time for changing jobs as early as the spring. Friends can be especially supportive in this area, providing connections and emotional support.

Your ruler, Mars, goes retrograde from mid-October through mid-February. This will be a time of rethinking your actions, your choices, and getting people to hear what you have to say. Life will feel much more personal. Make sure you surround yourself with happy and supportive people!


Taurus, inspired by filmmaker John Waters


April 20–May 20

This is a very active and demanding year for the Taureans. Career demands are especially strong, along with a need to find something that you are passionate about and are drawn to.

The eclipses occur in either your sign or your opposite sign, Scorpio, on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8. This eclipse cycle repeats approximately every 18½ years. You can look back and see how you fared then. The eclipses should provide work opportunities and possibly new relationships—business, personal, or both.

You are focused on improving your career and increasing your ability to feel more secure. You want to move up the ladder in your career, possibly start something on your own, or look for ways to get off the grid to have more control over your life. This is the time to step up and take control of your career. You are establishing your credibility and showing what you can do, and you are expecting your boss to step up and be a better manager. If they don’t, you may be taking over their job.

You are also more clear about what you will and won’t do. You are going through a downsizing where you are determining the future worth of people and things in your life. People need to grow up, or they may not have your support.

Relationships need new energy or new blood. This is an excellent year to renew those bonds that may have been ignored in the past. If you are having a difficult time, these same energies will push you toward some resolution. If you are single, you will be attracting new people into your life, particularly in the spring and late fall with the eclipses.

This is a good year to pay more attention to your health, get more exercise, and improve your diet. You will want to be free of excess weight, both physically and emotionally!


Gemini, inspired by filmmaker sisters Lana and Lily Wachowski


May 21–June 21

This year offers numerous opportunities for growth, fun, travel, and making good use of your time and energy. You have not been clear about the career direction you want to pursue, but you now find that decision-making process much easier, especially through early summer. You have been wanting to connect to work that really fulfills an inner aspect within yourself, and now there are new opportunities that will show you’re on the way.

You are still working to clear yourself of financial burdens that have held you back, and you simply won’t tolerate such burdens this year. Loans may be easier to get, which should help you out. This is also a good time to consider long-term investing. You may be able to get involved in start-up companies that promise a good return in the future.

You are very open to new ideas, points of view, and different cultural perspectives. This is an excellent year to improve your skills, continue your education, or become a teacher. This is also an exceptional year to improve your presence on social media through the ever-growing list of platforms. If you have writing ambitions, this is the year to get your work published or distributed on social media to generate a greater response.

If you are single, this is a year to connect with potential partners. Your magnetism is stronger than usual. If you are involved, this year should see an improved bond and more fun! This can be a very good time to take on a business partner.

Spiritually, you are open to new ideas that free you from the limitations of past beliefs. You’re looking for something with more inclusive views.

Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde four times this year. The dates that impact you directly are May 3 through June 11 and September 1 through October 9. Those are times to look back and take care of projects you have ignored.


Cancer, inspired by artist Frida Kahlo


June 22–July 22

You Moon Kids continue to deal with finances, mortgages, creating a more stable resource base, and developing more intimacy in personal relationships. You also seek to expand your social outreach and media presence.

This is going to be a busy career time, with summer being an exceptionally busy time, although you feel the positive push from this energy as early as spring. This can be a time when you get a promotion or take on a new position within the same company. This is also a better time to travel. You will have more of a public presence, so it’s a great year to promote your services, start a podcast, or get some of your work published. You are likely to be busy through the middle of 2023.

You are looking for more trust and closeness this year. You are more than willing to look at yourself and see how you have been aloof at times when you needed to be emotionally connected. At the same time, some business and personal relationships are coming to an end, and you are ready to be done with them. 

You are still working on improving your financial situation by getting rid of debt and living within your means, but money won’t be a real problem. However, you still carry that concern about money, which makes you question every purchase and its real value and need.

As the year begins, Venus, the planet of love and money, is retrograde in the relationship area of your horoscope. This has you rethinking past relationships and wanting to ensure a loving bond with your current partner. This is very strong through February 10. You will want to take some time to make sure your relationship is healthy.

You are more socially active, but you are still picky about the company you keep.


Leo, inspired by novelist James Baldwin


July 23–August 22

This continues to be a busy time of making long-term plans, letting go of past accomplishments, and exploring inventive ways to express your passion for living.

Partnerships, both business and personal, are going through a time of renewed plans and goals. In current relationships, you are exploring new directions to bring in some fresh energy. For newer relationships, you may be looking into marriage or living together. With difficult relationships, this can be a make-or-break time. You will work hard to keep it together before you might need to let it go.

Personal boundaries are also getting stronger, and you are expecting more from the people in your life, particularly family and close friends. You won’t be as tolerant of their self-induced problems. This can also be a time of downsizing, cleaning out storerooms, and creating more personal time.

Your career area continues to be active as you look for just the right thing to draw you in. This can show up as a time when you are looking to start something on your own, take on a leadership role in your current situation, or focus on the things that bring you real joy in life.

This year, the eclipses will occur in the career and home sectors of your horoscope. Those eclipses will occur in late April, mid-May, late October, and early November. This will only add more energy to your need to be your own person. You may have to step up and be a strong person for your family. You could be buying a house or expanding your family.

Finances improve notably in the spring and summer. This is a good time for refinancing, investments, raising your fees, or getting a raise from your current place of employment. This is a year of decision-making.


Virgo, inspired by musician Freddie Mercury


August 23–September 22

You Virgoans are finally pulling yourselves out of lockdown and getting ready to re-enter the world. You are certainly going to be busier and more social. In addition to having more opportunities for career and job improvement, you have improved interactions in partnerships and will enjoy life more.

You will want to get back on track with health and exercise regimens and take an overall better approach to health care and self care. Your chronic health issues may need to be addressed, rather than dealing with new conditions.

You’ve missed your routines, and you do your best to put a schedule in place that addresses the changes that your business has been through over the last two years.
You probably work smarter rather than
longer, which makes your time and effort
more fruitful.

Relationships seem to flow more easily this year. If you are single, this can be a very good year to date or open yourself up to new partners. If you are involved, this positive energy helps to smooth out the rough parts, and allows you to just enjoy the companionship instead of trying to improve the relationship.

Your creative energies remain strong, and you are definitely thinking outside the box. You are seeing the connectivity of many different pieces, and how they fit together in the larger scheme. This can be a great year to make social media work for you via a podcast, blogs, or YouTube. You are also more open to publishing your work and gaining a larger global audience.

Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde four times this year: January through mid-February, early May through mid-June, September through mid-October, and late December through late January 2023. These are great times for looking back and correcting or improving decisions from the past.


Libra, inspired by poet Oscar Wilde


September 23–October 23

Finances, intimacy, personal creativity, children, and improving your work environment are all on the menu this year.

With finances, you are looking for alternative investments, new ways to make better use of what you have, and getting yourself out of debt. If you are dealing with debt, this energy can really make you feel trapped and somewhat depressed, as it motivates you to do something about your situation. In a more positive vein, this can be a great time to find a life coach or something that ignites your passion for living.

You are wanting to be more open about how you feel, and develop a greater sense of truth between you and your relationships. This can be a great time for therapy or going on a couples retreat. You are looking for that lost passion that makes your partnerships click. If you are single, you are looking for a different type of partner than the people you’ve been attracted to in the past. If there are problems in your associations, you will want to root them out.

Your creative energies are being stimulated this year. This could be the year to take your hobby to another level. You are wanting your work to be more satisfying, even if you stick with your current employment. You are expecting your children to be more like adults, and you could see them testing your boundaries. This is a good time to give them more responsibility to make the right choices.

With all the changes occuring in how we do business, this is a great year to improve your work space. Since many of you started working from home, you may not have been as prepared with a work space that is as comfortable as you need. You will do something about that this year. This area of your life will be very busy, so be careful not to take on too much.


Scorpio, inspired by drag artist RuPaul


October 24–November 21 

This is the year of home and family, relationships, personal freedom, self-expression, and connecting to a more playful side of yourself.

You have been in a period of reassessment since last year, but you weren’t ready to make decisions to move forward until this year. You work hard to achieve stability and safety in your life. You could be remodeling or even relocating your home. You have had to take a very realistic look at your family, and you are moving away from the drama so you can have a more honest environment that allows you to be yourself. If those conditions aren’t met, you may decide to have less contact with your family. You are no longer trapped in your youth.

You want your relationships to have more freedom as well. Restrictive or overly demanding relationships will irritate you. This can be a good year to address these issues, but that will require all parties to be involved. It is easier to find a partner who is more open and less judgmental, as you are looking for a more open and playful relationship. This area will be very active as the eclipses this year activate this area of your horoscope. The eclipses are in your sign (or in your opposite sign of Taurus) at the end of April, mid-May, the end of October, and in early November.

With your work and career life, you are focused on creating more stability. You may be at a low ebb with your career in general, as you want to be appreciated for your skills instead of having to repeatedly prove yourself. You may consider retiring or cutting back to bring more balance into your life.

And finally, you are ready for some fun. Travel, put some energy into your hobbies, or find a great spa to visit!


Sagittarius, inspired by poet Emily Dickinson


November 22–December 21

New ways of dealing with business, having better personal boundaries, exploring new work opportunities, and improving relationships with your family are all part of your upcoming year.

Over the last several years, you have been investigating ways to supplement your income through investments and different business opportunities, and now you are ready to move forward. With your business, you may be increasing your fees or looking for better compensation for the work you do. You are much clearer about what you will and won’t do, and you’re much less willing to give away your skills without pay. 

The need to set boundaries in your life and your daily choices is going to be very strong. You will not have time for people who take advantage of your good nature. You will be expecting more from people, and you will be leaving behind those who don’t step into more adult-like behavior. Words and ideas have power this year, and you will be careful about how you use them.

Family relationships will be easier to navigate this year. Relatives are more ready to forgive the past and move on. Personally, you will need more time to yourself at the beach, the lake, or by the pool. Your home may feel more like a sanctuary or a place of retreat. This is also a great year to travel to a secluded getaway. There will be more marriages and more children in the family this year.

With your job, you are making better use of your time and not working as much. You will want more freedom and more balance between work and the rest of your life. This can be a great year to update the office, get some new equipment, and develop a better presence on social media.


Capricorn, inspired by designer Christian Louboutin


December 22–January 19

The heaviness that you have been dealing with over the last five years is slowly beginning to fade. You are getting more and more grounded, and you’re almost ready to move forward. With Venus retrograde in your sign until February 10, you should wait until then to make any permanent decisions. After that, you’ll be ready to clear up your financial picture and create more stability. You are wanting more freedom to pursue a path that invigorates your passion.

With the current crazy business environment created by COVID, you are looking at alternatives and adapting to new tools. You are much more open to new ideas, especially through the spring and summer. This can be a great time for improving your skills or exploring a totally different career path. You may be going back to school or taking your hobby to the next level.

You are overly conscious about money in 2022, and very likely to cut back on spending as you pare down to what you consider the necessities. You will also want to eliminate as much debt as you can, since being in debt makes you feel trapped and is a massive drain on your energy. In all of this, you are coming to terms with what you think your “real” value is, and who controls that valuing process.

You are wanting more time to delve into things that give your life meaning and joy. Your inner child needs someplace to have more fun. If you have children, they want more freedom and independence. They will test your boundaries, so this may be the time to give them more opportunities to become responsible.

This is a more social time for you, with new business associations and possibly new friendships being triggered in late April, mid-May, late October, and early November. These could be opportunities for more gainful employment as well. 


Aquarius, inspired by artist Gengoroh Tagame


January 20–February 18

Over the last year there were many options presented to you, but you held off on making some decisions because you wanted to feel fully committed. This applies to your career path, long-term security goals, and your relationships.

With career, you are exploring lots of new ideas. If you are older, you are cutting back and creating more balance in your life. If you are younger, you are looking to move up the ladder or start something on your own. And with the eclipses in April/May and October/November occurring in your career sector, you will find something that suits you this year.

Family demands and expectations are also very intense this year. On one level, you are looking to be free from the roles that you played in your family of origin that you may be duplicating with your own family or close friends. For some, this can be a time of home improvement or a possible relocation. You are wanting more space, more windows, and a place where you can breathe freely.

In your relationship sector, you are looking to make your relationships more secure and tailored to who you are at this time. If you are involved, you are looking at new long-term goals to bring new energy to your commitment. This can be a time of marriage or some other formal commitment. If you are unhappy, this energy will push for resolution—whatever the outcome may be.

You are still exploring your spirituality, clearing out past beliefs, and seeking new ways to understand your place in the universe and the afterlife. You are connecting more easily to your past lives in order to see where you have been before.

Finances are improving this year, but you are also more likely to want to spend more. This is a good year to find new investments or charge more for your services.


Pisces, inspired by fashion designer Alexander McQueen


February 19–March 20

This year is certainly going to be more active, more social, and possibly offer much better job and career opportunities.

With career, you are looking at new prospects and possibly even going back to school to reinvent yourself. You are looking for something that you really connect to, rather than something that is just about income. This is a good year to look into international businesses.

Along with this career energy, you are more ready to travel to some exotic locations. You are looking to expand your horizons and maybe even move to another country.

You are continuing to define and redefine your sense of spirituality and your religious beliefs. You are looking for real proof that there is something beyond what we experience here on this planet. You may be looking into past lives, exploring your current life path through tarot or astrology, or starting over and creating your own perspective on what spirituality and religion really are. You have been more psychically sensitive since 2011, and this process continues through 2025. As this becomes more a part of your life, your inner life becomes more active and you may be drawn to alternative life experiences.

Relationships are also more positive this year. If you are single, this makes you more magnetic. If you are involved, this energy helps to smooth over past problems as you look for an impoved relationship.

You are revamping your friendships and business associations. You are looking for people who want to participate in the process, rather than just wait for you to come up with a solution.

You are expressing your views more openly, even if that causes some waves of discontent. This is also a good time for a podcast, blogging, and increasing your presence on social media.

This article appears in the January 2022 edition of OutSmart magazine.


Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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