Going Goth

Tisha Flowers loves the dark side of drag.

Tisha Flowers (photo by Alex Rosa for OutSmart magazine)

Tisha Flowers isn’t evil—she just looks that way. Her drag persona is the gothic queen she always wanted to be as a youngster. As someone who loves the macabre and horror, she embraces all things dark and has made it her signature style—even when it comes to her name. “I always wanted to be Morticia Addams when I grew up. I thought she was so beautiful and elegant, so when picking a drag name, I naturally thought of her,” she recalls. Read on to discover what makes her Houston’s Dark Lady.

He/him out of drag; she/her in drag. 

Vidor, just outside of Beaumont.

Inner avatar?
A strong, dark, independent warrior! 

Drag birthday?
December 5, 2007 

How did you get interested in drag?
I originally started drag because at the bar I was going to in Beaumont, [drag shows didn’t use] rock or even pop-type music. It was all old-school gown numbers, and stuff that queens had been doing for years. I wanted to shake things up a bit for my friends—and I think I have!

Plans for Halloween?
I will co-host and perform at a block party in San Antonio put on by Pegasus nightclub. 

Favorite past Halloween costume?
I must have dressed as Dracula for seven or eight years in a row as a kid, and of course I wore that cape year-round.

Does October have any special meaning to you?
Not only does it hold the best memories from my childhood, but my favorite holiday is Samhain.

Describe your drag style.
It varies, depending on what club or event I’m working and the audience. I love being able to perform hard-rock and metal music, but that isn’t for everyone. So most of the time, I try to bring a mix of ’90s pop, Top 40, and sometimes a little comedy to my gigs. I try to always bring a crowd-pleasing show, no matter what.  

Favorite artists to perform?
A few are Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, In This Moment, and Pink. 

 “When in doubt…”
“…freak ’em out!”

Drag icons?
Divine, The Boulet Brothers, Vander Van Odd, Loris, Dahli, Landen Cider, and Amanda Lepore. 

What do you do when you’re not performing?
I live and breathe drag, so when I’m not performing I’m usually at home working on a new costume or wig.

Any pets?
A pit bull, Sookie, and a black lab, Smoky. 

Favorite drag character from the movies, TV, or literature?
Albert Goldman, from The Birdcage.  

Most embarrassing moment in drag?
I can’t think of a time that I was really embarrassed in drag. More than once something has “gone wrong” or “not according to plan,” but I always just laugh it off and go on.

Ultimate goal for Tisha?
Get back to doing drag full-time and fully supporting myself with my shows. 

Must-haves for your purse?
Black lipstick, black sage, and a Baphomet rosary. 

Where can fans see you perform?
On occasion at Barcode, Hamburger Mary’s, Rumors Bar & Grill in Galveston, Pegasus in San Antonio, and sometimes at Scotty’s Pub on the Bay in League City.   

Follow Tisha Flowers on Facebook and Instagram @Tishaflowers, or on Tik Tok @tishaflowers666.

This article appears in the October 2021 edition of OutSmart magazine.


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