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Black Trans Publication Inspired by Monica Roberts Has Launched will hire a managing editor.

Monica Roberts (Facebook)

TransGriot L.L.C.—a new online venture inspired by the work of the late pioneering transgender journalist and activist Monica Roberts—is now in its development stage, according to publisher Dee Dee Watters. 

Watters, a Houston-based trans advocate, founded the media outlet to continue the legacy of Roberts, who chronicled the history of the Black trans movement and provided accurate media coverage of trans-related issues through her GLAAD Award-winning blog, TransGriot

Dee Dee Watters

The new publication will also hire, support, and empower Black trans contributors, according to the website. In a recent news release, Watters shared that she is looking for a managing editor to help lead the publication. 

“TransGriot L.L.C. is looking for a Black trans managing editor—someone who is available for part-time employment, and has a track record of covering political journalism and trans issues, even if only on social media,” Watters wrote. “You will need to act decisively, but with humanity and wisdom. We are looking for a leader with a clear command of journalism on the social web, a demonstrated knowledge of and commitment to covering issues affecting the Black trans community, cataloguing our Black trans history, and a deep understanding of politics.” 

The managing editor’s duties will include overseeing’s coverage by ensuring that accurately reported stories are produced efficiently and on deadline. They will also be responsible for reviewing articles, uploading stories to the website and social media, managing a team of trans contributors, and writing a monthly newsletter. 

Individuals interested in the position should email a cover letter and résumé to [email protected].     

In addition to writing articles, contributors will also take part in producing videos for Roberts’ YouTube channel Transgriot Weekly. In the meantime, Watters is transferring Roberts’ entire TransGriot blog to the new website. She hopes to have the blog content completed and available by the end of January. 

Roberts, a Houston native, died of natural causes on October 6, 2020. In 2006, she published her first TransGriot blog post. The term “griot” (pronounced gree-ow) is a West African term that refers to a storyteller and historian. Roberts used her blog to tell the stories and chronicle the history of Black trans people, and to report on trans homicide victims who are often misgendered in police reports and media coverage.

For more information on TransGriot L.L.C., visit Read Monica Roberts’ blog posts at


Brandon Wolf

Brandon Wolf is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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