December 2016 Horoscope


By Lilly Roddy

Our old friend Mercury retrograde shows up this month from December 13 until January 13, 2017. Travel plans for the December holidays may not go as smoothly, so plan ahead and have a Plan B ready. The Mercury retrograde will make the holidays more nostalgic for most of us, so we may enjoy it more!

The positive days for December are the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, and 30th, while the not-so-positive days are the 10th, 13th, 18th, 19th, and 20th.

We have a Full Moon on the 22nd in Gemini, and that could bring some news that may surprise us. We could be feeling very negative at that time. Don’t overthink things. The New Moon in Capricorn (along with Uranus going direct on the same day) will make us more enthusiastic about the future.

The sun starts the month in Sagittarius and enters Capricorn (the Winter Solstice) on the 21st. Mercury begins in Sagittarius but quickly enters Capricorn on the 2nd, and remains in Capricorn for the entire month. Venus is transiting through Capricorn as the month begins, but quickly enters Aquarius on the 7th. Mars is in Aquarius and eventually enters Pisces on the 19th. Jupiter remains in Libra, Saturn continues through Sagittarius, Uranus flies through Aries, Neptune swims through Pisces, and Pluto hammers away at Capricorn.

ARIES (March 21–April 19). Despite the fact that you are very busy, you are taking some time to enjoy the holidays. You are in a very social mood and are welcoming people into your life. Friendships are especially important to you this month. Some friendships may be tested, while other friends will show their loyalty and stick by you. Mercury retrograde is affecting your career sector, and will remain strong through mid-January. You will want to pay more attention to the details there. Toward midmonth, you are more focused on work. It will be easy to over-schedule yourself. Enjoy your holidays—it gets busier for you after the 29th. 

TAURUS (April 20–May 20). December is a month of adjustments as you examine your deeper connections to the special people in your life. Some of these connections are emotionally based, while others are about financial investments. You are making sure everyone is on the same page. You are paying more attention to your health, your body, and your personal space. You are reacting more openly and not holding things in as much. You are ready to take some action to become more successful with your work or career, and you should get that done before December 13 or you will have to wait until January 13. Toward the end of the month, you begin to take a more laid-back approach. The holidays should be pleasant for you!

GEMINI (May 21–June 21). With your ruler, Mercury, going retrograde December 13 through January 13, get your holiday projects started early. Overall, you are working on your boundaries, cleaning out closets, and getting clear about the priorities and relationships in your life. You need new goals in your close relationships to stimulate a more intimate and emotional connection. Toward the end of the month, you are focusing more on your financial future. This is a great month for you to go back and visit the old homestead for the holidays. You are looking for some adventure, especially after the 19th. After the holidays, career issues take over your focus.

CANCER (June 22–July 22). You continue to remain focused on improving both your work environment and your health. Even with all of the holiday feasting, you are keeping a close watch on what you eat while trying to stick to your exercise program. And with Mercury retrograde, this is a great month to get your workplace cleaned up and organized. You could be getting new computers and office equipment. Relationships are a big focus this month. You are working on your boundaries and learning how to speak up sooner. With Mercury retrograde, old partners from past relationships may be contacting you. If you are single, this could be the time to take another dip in the pool. Make the holidays work for you!

LEO (July 23–August 22). As the month opens, you are feeling more playful and even flirtatious. This can be a great month to renew those relationship bonds. You are more short-tempered through the first half of the month, and not afraid to say what you think. You are also continuing to work on improving your health through big changes in your diet and exercise programs. Your workplace is also going through some repurposing, both in your office space and your job description. The holidays should be good for you this year. Be sure to find your own inner child this holiday season and treat her to the love and appreciation you really desire.

VIRGO (August 23–September 22). You are continuing to focus your energy on creating a safer home, a better emotional state, and more financial security. For some, this is about making home repairs or even moving. Family may feel burdensome during the holidays, so you will want to limit yourself to small, intimate gatherings. You are questioning your career path, how fast you are progressing, and how to improve what is working. This makes even Virgos work on their efficiency. By midmonth, you are ready to sit back and enjoy the holidays—even though you should try to stay on a good exercise and eating program. Your relationship will need some attention after the 19th. Be proactive and do some different things with your partner for the holidays. You will be ready to come back to your routines after January 13.

LIBRA (September 23–October 23). With Jupiter, planet of travel, education, and positive expectations moving through your sign, you are feeling more confident about the future. This is a very good time for improving your existing relationship, or looking for possible connections if you are single. You are busy, but you’ve been making good use of your time and prioritizing the things that are important to you. And you have been learning how to say “no” more easily. With Mercury retrograde during the holidays, you will most likely want to reconnect and recreate the holidays of your past. Don’t hold back! The New Moon on the 29th helps to ground you and get you back on track.

SCORPIO (October 24–November 21). Money and personal resources continue to dominate your realm as the month begins. This is a time of conservative investing or eliminating unnecessary expenses. Family energies have been somewhat unsettled over the last month, but that should ease up after the 19th. As the holidays approach, you are working on your agenda for 2017. This can be a good time to teach classes, take some classes, or write that book you are always talking about. You are more interested in exercise and health after midmonth. Enjoy the holiday festivities and feasts—you can just walk an extra mile in the mornings! 

SAGITTARIUS (November 22–December 21). Happy Birthday to the Centaurs! This completes your personal yearly cycle when you have the opportunity to look back at your accomplishments and create some new adventures for the next year. With Mercury retrograde in the middle of this cycle, you will want to wait until after January 13 to put any of your new undertakings into play. Family drama could be a bit stronger than usual during your holidays. Since you are getting clearer about what you will and will not tolerate, people will be getting your messages more distinctly. Keep your holiday plans flexible, and keep an exit plan handy in case you need it. 

CAPRICORN (December 22–January 19). As the month begins, you are being a bit reserved with your energy. Normally, this is a time of rest and retreat until your birthday rolls around and you get a burst of energy after December 21. Be sure and enjoy this rest period, since 2017 promises to be especially busy with potential career opportunities and maybe even a relocation. Mercury is retrograde in your sign from December 13 through January 13. This holiday period is an especially introspective one for you. Make sure you take some time to rest during the holidays, as it will be a busy time. The New Moon on the 29th should give you some energy to get back to your routines.

AQUARIUS (January 20–February 18). With Mars (planet of action and “let’s do it now”) moving through your sign in the first half of the month, you have lots of energy to get things done. You are taking charge and not waiting for someone to give you permission. This can stimulate energies to renew your relationship, or to be out on the hunt. Friendships and community organizations can be very helpful to you, and you’ll want to take a leadership position so you can participate. You might be moving on from friends and groups that don’t serve a purpose in your life. As we get near the end of the month, you are ready for a break in the action. It’s time to rest and retreat until your birthday next year.

PISCES (February 19–March 20). Career focus is very strong as the month begins. You have been in this career mode for the whole year, but it’s been stronger since the end of November. If you have plans that you want to put into play, you need to get them started before December 13, or you will have to wait until January 13 to get started on them. After the 19th, Mars (planet of action and confidence) visits your sign for the next 38 days. It may be best to focus on the tasks that need finishing rather than start anything new. You may not sleep as well with Mars around. Exercise can help burn off some of this excess energy. This is a good holiday time for you—as long as you are doing what you want!

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Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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