Warren Visits Clinton’s House During VP Meetings

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By Dan Merica


WASHINGTON — Elizabeth Warren was at Hillary Clinton’s house Friday during a series of meetings in which Clinton reviewed her running mate options.

The Massachusetts senator left the house an hour after her car dropped her off at the stately home on Whitehaven Street near Dupont Circle, in Northwest Washington, D.C.

Clinton is meeting with people Friday at her home to go over her running mate selection process, a source familiar with the process said.

Cars were seen going in and out of the house, with occupants entering through a protected garage. Warren’s was the fourth car to arrive at the home.

Campaign chairman John Podesta, who is heading Clinton’s VP vetting process, and campaign vice chair Huma Abedin were also in the house during the time of the meeting.

Warren, a liberal stalwart known for championing issues related to economic inequality, is on Clinton’s short list of possible vice presidential picks, according to Democrats familiar with the process. The Clinton campaign is aware that Warren’s addition to the ticket could galvanize the left wing of the Democratic Party, particularly supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, her primary competitor.

But Warren has been seen as an unlikely pick to Democrats inside and outside Clinton’s campaign, in part because the two don’t know each other well and there are concerns that Warren — a darling with the left — could overshadow the top of the ticket.

Clinton and Warren campaigned together for the first time in 2016 in Cincinnati last month. The two, according to aides, also met over coffee before that campaign stop.



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