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‘Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party’


HenryThis religious LGBT coming-of-age movie unfolds over the course of one eventful day in the life of 17-year-old preacher’s kid Henry (Cole Doman), who must navigate his faith, secrets, and sexuality within his family and religious community. On the day of Henry’s big party, his mom, Kat (Elizabeth Laidlaw), his father, Pastor Bob (Pat Healy), and 19-year-old sister, Autumn (Nina Ganet), each prepare for the party while also grappling with their own secrets and desires. Then the guests begin to arrive, including the closeted young Logan (Daniel Kyri), who has eyes for Henry. As day turns to night, the partygoers carefully navigate the religious strictures and sexual secrets held within the community, as well as their own longings (despite themselves and their faith) for earthly love. Wolfe Video (—Troy Carrington


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Troy Carrington

Troy Carrington is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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