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‘Troublemaker’ By Leah Remini

LeahBookCoverRemini has said that she doesn’t regret spending 30 years of her life in the Church of Scientology because it has made her who she is today, and “it really did teach me a lot.” That said, in her new book, Troublemaker, she doesn’t hold back in her account of the negative experiences she had—which were numerous, and include her encounters with Tom Cruise, who comes across as, well, a spoiled child. And then, of course, there’s Scientology’s well-documented antagonism toward homosexuality. On the church’s “Tone Scale,” homosexuality is a 1.1 on the scale, which is “Covert Hostility.” Remini says that that “is considered by Scientologists to be a person avoided at all costs.” At all costs, however, don’t avoid reading this book. Ballantine Books ( Blase DiStefano


Blase DiStefano

Blase DiStefano is the Creative Director/Entertainment Editor for OutSmart Magazine.
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