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Jennifer Knapp: Set Me Free

1 JenniferKnappKnapp is a former Christian music star who is now an out lesbian. She remains a committed Christian, although it’s a difficult task to reconcile these two worlds. Set Me Free focuses on how we interact with one another, how we affect others, and how other people, places, or life events affect us, shaping us into who we are and how we hope to be heard and understood. “Much of this record centers around intimate conversations between two people,” explains Knapp. “Some songs are between lovers, other friends, and some who are going separate ways. Each song is a moment of some pivotal point of declaration or need for understanding from one person or one idea to another.” In addition, Knapp has started Inside Out Faith, an organization that seeks to engage with communities of faith and educate their leadership, participants, and others on the challenging issues of LGBT inclusion and affirmation in religious environments. Righteous Babe Records ( More info at and —Suzie Lynde


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