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W.Va. Woman Denied Driver’s License In Wife’s Name

by Vicki Smith, Associated Press

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP)—For a year, Romney waitress Cynthia Landis has legally been a Landis.

It’s the name on her Social Security card, the name on her District of Columbia marriage certificate and the name on her Virginia driver’s license.

But the state of West Virginia won’t recognize it.

The Division of Motor Vehicles won’t issue Landis a license in that name because she’s married to a woman.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Dale says state law forbids the agency from recognizing the legality of any documents related to a same-sex marriage. He says Landis can seek a court order changing her name, or she can get a license with her ex-husband’s surname.

Landis calls the state’s position ridiculous and discriminatory.

She says she just wants the state to recognize her name, not her marriage.


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