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Joy Behar apologizes for saying gay is a choice

Joy Behar apologizes for saying gay is a choice

By Thom Senzee

SAN DIEGO — During the June 28 episode of ABC’s “The View” morning talk show, co-host Joy Behar referenced homosexuality as a choice. Given Behar’s history as having been an advocate against the notion that being gay (or lesbian or bisexual or trans) is a choice, members of LGBT Weekly’s editorial staff were confident that she had simply misspoken.

The incident occurred about 7 minutes, 20 seconds into the broadcast of last Thursday’s show (which was taken down sometime around noon today – a week after it first aired), during a segment of the show about a Daily Mail columnist who had written an article claiming models who choose not to wear makeup are “denouncing womanhood.” The cast expanded the argument to one about “choices” more generally.

“Well, that’s what choice is about; whether to have an abortion, or not have an abortion; wear makeup, not wear makeup, get married, don’t get married; be gay, be straight … ” Behar said.

Reaching out to the show’s publicist, Karl Nilsson for clarification about what Behar meant when she said one chooses to get married or not get married; to be gay or to be straight, Nilsson was emphatic that, as we suspected, Behar – who has on numerous occassions taken others to task for promulgating the notion that being LGBT is a choice – had indeed mispoken. Joy Behar fans who caught her comment last week and scratched their heads when the unapologetic progressive seemed to have changed her mind about LGBTs being “born that way.”

What follows is The View’s official statment to LGBT Weekly regarding the incident:

Wonderful to speak with you on the phone. You are correct in your belief, as an advocate for the LGBT community, Ms.Behar knows that being gay is not a choice. She regrets that she misspoke and hope (sic) this clears up any misunderstanding.








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