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Lesbian Methodist Minister at Bering

Rev. Amy DeLong

In June 2011, Methodist minister Rev. Amy DeLong was tried on two charges that she brought against herselfbeing a self-avowed, practicing homosexual, and performing a same-sex wedding back in 2009.

Both of these affirmations of love are considered “chargeble offenses” and violate the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline. The first charge was dropped because the court could not prove that Rev. DeLong and her partner of 16 years were “practicing.”  While openly acknowledging that she is a lesbian in a long-term loving relationship, Rev. DeLong refused, while on the stand, to reveal details of their intimate and private moments. As for the second charge, DeLong was given 20 days’ suspension and the unusual sentence of working in collaboration with conference leadership to initiate a written document to help resolve issues that harm the “clergy covenant,” create an adversarial spirit, or lead to future trials.

Rev. DeLong’s trial opens the door for new debate on how the church deals with acts of conscience among its clergy and its members. On February 12,  Reverend Delong will be preaching at Bering Memorial United Methodist Church. In light of her impressive history with the church, it is sure to be a sermon worth hearing.

—Alex Grandstaff

Sunday, February 12 • 10:50 a.m.
Bering Memorial United Methodist Church
1440 Harold St., Houston • 713/526-1017




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