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Looking For A Few Good PWAs Special Scholarships For USCA 2011

Chicago, IL The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) is looking for a few good PWAs with intermediate knowledge on HIV health education. We believe People with AIDS (PWAs) will play an important leadership role in the development and implementation of treatment as a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention in their local community: Treatment as Prevention (TasP). Thanks to American Airlines and the sponsors of the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), we will offer 30 special scholarships to PWAs.

This year’s scholarship includes:

1. One round trip American airline voucher

2. Four Nights Hotel @ Chicago Sheraton & Towers

3. One Registration to USCA

4. $100 Travel Voucher

Scholarship recipients will be required to make their own hotel and American airline reservations. The airline voucher may not be good on all flights, you will need to make your airline reservation using a special 800 number. You will also be required to pay taxes for the flight. To reserve a room at the USCA Conference venue, the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, call:1-800-233- 4100 on or before October 8, 2011.

NMAC wants to train PWA leaders and health educators to work with their communities to begin a dialogue about TasP. The program will provide PWAs with skills to begin this discussion. All scholarship attendees will be required to attend special sessions @ USCA on TasP that will be lead by NMAC’s Director of Treatment Education, Adherence and Mobilization Moises Agosto. More information will be given after the scholarships are awarded.

Moises is back at NMAC and he is leading this initiative! We are proud to have an HIV positive Latino community activist leading our charge. NMAC has always believed that PWAs must lead the struggle against HIV/AIDS, including the implementation of TasP. We hope you can join him to learn about the evidence around and benefits of TasP and then bring that message back to your community.

The timeline is short. Applications should be sent via email to mag[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> no later than September 30th. Please find the application here <> .

Awards will be given out the second week in October. Include with your application why you are a leader and how you would start a community dialogue about about treatment education, adherence and mobilization especially as it relates to Treatment as Prevention.

You must be public about your HIV status and comfortable talking about your struggle to fight HIV/AIDS. We are looking for men, women, and transgender; young and old; straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual; former drug users, sex workers and cheer leaders from all ethnicities and all regions of the country who have at least an intermediate understanding of HIV treatment and adherence.

If we are going to end the AIDS epidemic, it can only happen with the leadership of People with AIDS. Are you one of those leaders? If you answer “yes”, then please join us at this year’s United States Conference on AIDS <> !!

Yours in the Struggle,

Paul Kawata

Executive Director

National Minority AIDS Council

USCA: Special Presentation by Dr. Julio Montaner

Sunday, November 13th

Chicago, IL



Tom Fricke

Tom Fricke is the Associate Publisher of OutSmart Magazine.

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