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Suspicious Activity Noted in Montrose

Visitors and residents of Montrose are being asked to keep their safety in mind this weekend as they enjoy their Pride Month festivities.

A suspicious man in the 200 block of Tuam was seen wandering the street and  following a man leaving a nearby bar at around 1:45 on June 12; however, he was chased away by another concerned person in a car.  The witness described the individual as a black male with a slender-to-medium build and a height of about five feet, ten inches.  The witness also said the individual was wearing khaki cargo pants and a dark green shirt, and wore gold glasses or a gold earring.  The man appeared to walk with a limp.

The sighting follows other incidents in which two separate men were attacked within weeks of each other as they left Montrose-area bars.  Both attacks occurred near Fairview between Crocker and Hopkins streets. One victim was been with a bat and suffered broken arms, a head wound which required 14 staples to close and heavy bruising, while the other was robbed, suffered numerous bruises and received a concussion from a head wound.

Police are asking witnesses to either attack to call CrimeStoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

Montrose residents and patrons who are walking on the streets are being encouraged to stay alert to their surroundings, to avoid shadowy or confined outside areas, and to try to avoid walking alone.  Many bars in the area can provide a staff member to walk individuals to their cars, and all bars can call a taxi to take their patrons home.


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