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Hiss of Death

Rita Mae Brown

The latest offering from Rita Mae (and Sneaky Pie) Brown opens with spring in Crozet. While life is renewing itself, Harry finds she is ill and that the illness will challenge her vision of herself and her life. Even though she is so occupied, Harry finds the deaths of perfectly healthy people capturing her attention. This is my favorite of this series so far—it challenges the reader with the idea that we are all mortal while exulting in the sweetness of life. Add a mystery with my favorite feline and canine sleuths, and you have the perfect summer read. Bantam Books Hardcover ( —Review: Angel Curtis


The Floundering Time

Katy Weselcouch

Remember college? Well, if you were one of those who did anything to avoid looking at tomorrow, this graphic novel from Katy Weselcouch will ring true. Emma and Joey are best friends at an unnamed women’s college. They spend their time in the pursuit of the objects of their crushes, getting drunk, going on road trips, and trying so very hard to be one of the cool girls. This book has serious flaws—it is drawn in too simple a style and the dialogue is totally banal. Yet, even with these flaws, it somehow manages to beautifully capture how painful it is to be young and naive. I look forward to the next offering from this obviously gifted, but very young, artist. SLG Publishing ( —Review: Angel Curtis



Angel Curtis

Angel Curtis is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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