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Watergate Exposed

Watergate Exposed
Robert Merritt as told to Douglas Caddy

This book is a major revision of the history of the Watergate scandal as told to the original lawyer for the Watergate Seven by a confidential informant (someone who “snitches” to law enforcement). Both the teller and the scribe are gay, and this story shows how very dangerous that was at that time. Warning—this book is full of flaws: it is often redundant, seemingly exaggerates things to the point of farce, and feels like an exercise in self-justification for some pretty seedy acts. That being said, if what is recounted in this book is true (and I think it could be), we impeached Richard Nixon for the wrong reason. Read this book and decide for yourself. If it is true, it is the strongest case ever for a complete revamping of federal intelligence and law-enforcement activities. Trine Day ( —Review: Angel Curtis



Angel Curtis

Angel Curtis is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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