Ugandan Paper Ordered to Stop Printing List of Gay People

From the, Monday 1 November 2010 16.04 GMT

The original issue of the Ugandan Rolling Stone naming 100 gay people and calling for gay people to be hanged. It printed a similar list today.

A Ugandan judge has ordered a Kampala newspaper to stop publishing photographs, names and addresses of gay people after a campaign group sought a legal injunction.

Rolling Stone published a list of people it said were homosexual for the second time today, saying it wanted to “help them live responsible lives”.

Earlier this month Rolling Stone – not linked to the American magazine of the same name – published a front-page story listing what the paper said were Uganda’s 100 “top” homosexuals, and an inside story calling for gay people to be hanged. Rights activists said the story prompted attacks against at least four people.
Sexual Minorities Uganda asked the country’s highest court to issue an injunction against publishing the faces of gay people in future editions. “We now live in fear,” said Julian Onzeima, the group’s co-ordinator. “The Rolling Stone paper has led to people turning against us.”

Gay people in Uganda say they have faced a year of attacks and harassment since an MP introduced a bill in October 2009 that would impose the death penalty for some homosexual acts and life in prison for others. The bill has not come up for a vote.
The legislation was drawn up after a visit by leaders of American conservative Christian ministries including a “sexual reorientation coach”. The bill became political poison after international condemnation, and many Christian leaders have denounced it.


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