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Montrose Counseling Center Recognizes October as Domestic Abuse Month

In June of 2005, Mary Martha Diggs, 74, of San Antonio was shot and killed by her friend Judith Glory Riten, 64, at a pool party. Throughout the month of October, a life-size representation of Mary Martha Diggs stands in the Montrose Counseling Center’s lobby in recognition of Domestic Abuse Month.

It is estimated that one in four same-sex relationships includes some form of domestic abuse, the same rate that occurs in heterosexual relationships.

This year, OutSmart joins Montrose Counseling Center in an effort to raise awareness of domestic violence through social networking by displaying a rainbow and violet ribbon, the symbol of same-sex domestic abuse, on the OutSmart Facebook page. A ribbon icon links to MCC’s Domestic Violence Program. MCC services include emergency shelter referral, hospital and police accompaniment, legal advocacy, case management, counseling, and support groups. montrosecounselingcenter.org • 713/529-0037. — Nancy Ford


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