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Joe Jaworski

Joe Jaworski, Mayor of Galveston
Favorite Politican, Best Male Attorney (Runner-up)
Facebook friends:
1,757. Likes and interests: No Labels, Intellectual Entrepeneurship Consortium, Texas Tribune, Annise Parker, and 77 others. Fotos: four albums. How often do you update your FB? I update my Facebook status once every three days or so. Ever unfriended anybody? Never “unfriended” anyone. Do you tweet or blog? I do tweet. Have you ever Googled yourself? I have Googled myself. How do you think the new social media has changed politics? Social media has changed politics in a good way: it has leveled the playing field. I like to update status and see what the constituents think about ideas. Nothing makes me happier than a bunch of comments after an update! How is Galveston using social media differently during hurricane season? Pretty much as it does all year around; but when a storm hits the Gulf, everyone starts Tweeting and Facebooking like nobody’s business. Its like Paul Revere’s midnight ride . . . only everyone is doing it on their handhelds and computers. If Christine O’Donnell hit you up for a friend request, would you friend her? If Christine O’Donnell friended me, I would accept it, and I would hope she would learn something about tolerance and fairness from reading my material. I’d want her reading my updates, but I do not need to read hers.

Larry Janzen

Larry Janzen, Galveston Flower Company
Best Florist
Are you on Facebook?
I don’t know if I am or not. I’m such a numbskull when it comes to that. I think I am. But every time I try to go on, it doesn’t make sense to me. No blogging, vlogging, or tweeting then? No. Have you ever Googled yourself? I’ve Googled my company. Last handwritten letter or card was? Actually, day before yesterday. Do you think you’ll ever get on board with this new tech wave? Oh heavens, yes. I’m just kind of a one-man show at my business, so I don’t have a lot of time to fart around with that. Initially it takes time to get on board. The amount of time it requires to get rolling on it…I get a phone call and have to do something and, well, that’s that.

John Paul
, San Luis Resort
Best Local Hotel, Best Steak, Best Desserts, among others
People like this:
1,410. Wall sample: “Reminder! Kemah Boardwalk 13th Annual FREE Jazz Festival starts today!” Foto albums: 20. How often do you update your FB? We update it all the time. Ever unfriended anybody? Yes. Do you tweet or blog? No. Last handwritten letter or card was? Last week, as a matter of fact. How has the new social media impacted your business? It has impacted it a lot. Communication is so much easier.

OutSmart Invites You to the Brewmasters International Beer Festival
Sure, the trio of glass pyramids are tourist-y cool. And, yeah, there’s something ghetto fabulous about summer music lineups by ’80s hair bands Great White and Night Ranger, or the rock-’n’-roll cool of the Bangles with a shot of Tonic. But it was the Lone Star’s biggest beer fest that had all the buzz—and, frankly, had us buzzin’! Moody’s event diva Mandy Parker rode the beer & food craze like a great Galveston wave before anybody else did, putting on a bash that attracted nearly 7,000 people to the island. A three-day fusion of cuisine and cold ones culminated with the Brew Haha Grand Tasting, where you could enjoy a sampling of over 300 imported and craft beers that were perfectly paired with select dishes from Galveston’s and Houston’s best chefs for—get this—just $35! That price was worth every penny just to be turned on to the dangerously powerful Golden Monkey from Victory, Left Hand’s sublime Fade to Black, and the decadent Young’s Double Chocolate Stout which gave new meaning to “chocolate bar.” And we would have gladly paid an extra $35 for Stone Kitchen’s silky, sensational cheese soup with bacon and crème fraiche. If Parker throws this party again next year, don’t miss it.

Steven Foster also reviews the film Howl in this issue of OutSmart magazine.


Ste7en Foster

Steven Foster is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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