Hardly Silenced: Discourse of the Anti-Equality Group Mind

Hardly Silenced: Discourse of the Anti-Equality Group Mind, Vol. 1
Wendy Anderson-Spencer
Self-published (
We know what “they” say about “us” is often inaccurate, inflammatory, and sometimes just downright mean. Here, a long-time queer activist compiles example after example of hate speech from politicians, religious leaders, and others representing organized opposition to gay equality. Included among the vile utterances are quotes from dozens of haters, including former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee; conservative spokespersons Sam “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher and Pat Buchanan; and dozens more. Providing a local touch, also included is Houston-based, antigay electrician Dave Wilson’s gay-baiting pre-election postcard that attempted to derail Annise Parker’s 2009 bid for mayor. Read these quotes and weep, then get angry and do something constructive to fight these blatant slanders—like, registering to vote. Putting her money where her activist mouth is, Anderson-Spencer is donating $1 from the purchase of each copy of this book to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention organization for LGBT teens.
—Nancy Ford


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